X-Flex Mini slim wallet

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The X-Flex  Mini Slim Wallet is a slim style wallet with an extendable X-Flex pocket to store all sorts of essentials. It can be used as a business card holder, full-time wallet, and many more options. The main section features a pull tab for easy storage of cards and money, while the outside front pocket can be used for quick-access items. The back has a special design X-Flex pocket to fit lots of different items. To top off the incredible flexibility the X-Flex slim wallet offers, it is also layered with unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) signal blocking composite to protect credit cards and driver’s licenses from RFID skimming to ensure your protection.

Features :

  • RFID protection (defend yourself from digital theft)
  • Quick draw pocket (fast access to frequently used card in a sec )
  • Secure Main Storage Pocket. (the pull tab design gives you quick access to all cards)
  • X-Flex Pocket (can handle lots of different things. you just can’t find this function in other slim wallets)
  • Slim and Small Profile (only 6.5cm X 9.4cm X 0.7cm. weights only 2 oz)

Material : 

  • Leather / nylon, RFID blocking lining and custom made super durable elastic fabric