Health hazards of wearing the wrong belt

MANY people wear belts everyday, but few know the risks these accessories pose if they’re worn it wrong.¬†Wearing a tight belt every day may cause lower back pain, heartburn, discomfort, and even immune complications.

Acid reflux (Heartburn)

Wearing your belt too tight puts pressure to the stomach, which causes acid to reflux and make its way to the throat. The result causes a burning sensation in the stomach, chest and throat, and a bitter, acidic taste in your mouth.

A medical study carried out by the University of Glasgow revealed that there are some links between wearing your belt too tight and symptoms that can lead to throat cancer. However, for those of you who are worried about cancer, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service has dismissed this study, calling it unnecessary alarmist.

Abdominal Pain

Using a tight belt can disturb the digestive flow, slowing down the whole process. Pressure makes it difficult for gas and food to move down. This often leads to bloating, pain and constipation.

Lower back and spinal pain

Recent research has shown that increased pressure in the abdomen can cause stiffness in the spine and stress on the back. If the belt is too tight and low riding, it causes nerve compression in the back.

Leg tingling and numbness

Not only can tight belts be uncomfortable (especially after a big meal), but they can cause burning pain, numbness, sensitivity at a light touch, and tingling in the legs.  The cause is exactly what a tight belt would do: put pressure on a nerve which runs from your abdomen to your lower outer thigh.

Reproductive system damage

Tight belts affect the reproductive function for men and women alike.

Reduced air access and increased temperature lead to “heat castration”. This manifests through overheating of the private parts and increased humidity — concerning risks for infectious diseases.

Immune system damage

Applying pressure on your abdomen with a belt can complicate the immune system’s normal way of functioning. Blood vessels below the stomach take care of the lymphatic drainage. If the belt is too tight on the waist, it slows down the lymph flow, which then directly interferes with the immune system’s effectiveness.



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